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About CWT Group

Capital World Group is a group of companies that traces its origins back more than 40 years. A family-owned and managed textile and apparel business priding itself on its experience in Asia as its foremost strength.

Since 1967, from a small Hong Kong trading company to a global textile/apparel group with its own manufacturing facilities – our story exemplifies persistence, hard-work, and integrity.

The company today deal in fabrics and finished apparel and constanly strives to provide its customers with a competetive edge – be it product, price, or delivery.

Group History


Redefining the profile to Manufacturer

Kiara Garments Vietnam Ltd is established, the group’s first own manufacturing facility in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam.

Stepping Offshore

With rising costs of production in China, we setup our first office outside the Greater China region – in Hanoi, Vietnam to tap into what was then a quickly developing industry in the country. This is when we started managing our cut/sew operations offshore for the first time as well.

Movement to Add Value

The group makes a shift in focus from fabric to apparel and embark on a journey that has powered us ahead and determined who we are today.

Right at the Source

Three years after our direct entry to China, we established a precense in China’s undisputed textile region in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province with a branch office focus on sourcing/quality control.

Mainland Milestone

Our first direct presence on Mainland China, in which we established an office in Shanghai further deepening our sourcing/product capabilities.

Focus on Textiles

The group takes a concious decision to focus exclusively on textiles – and to make this the core business.

Stride to Taiwan

Established a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan to expand sourcing/product capabilities that the island boasted at the time.

The Beginnings

Established a trading company in Hong Kong, with a focus on being a trading bridge between China and the Pacific Islands (family heritage is traced back to the Fiji Islands).

Core Values


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People Power

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Pride in our Product

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Fashion Driven

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Pride in our Product

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People Power

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Fashion Driven

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To be a globally reputed apparel manufacturer, in constant pursuit of our core values in which the Customer comes First, keeping them at the forefront in all aspects of product design, production and delivery. Create an environment in which we constantly strive to improve every aspect of our business and making a consious effort to make the industry cleaner and more sustainable.

Executive board

Navin Chunilal


"Boss" or "Lao Ban" as he is widely referred to in the company, Navin is a pioneer in sourcing fabrics from China - an experience he has gained since the late 1970s. Being the 2nd generation of the Chunilal family, he was born in the Fiji Islands - and spent some of his early years in Hong Kong and UK. He joined the company at a very early age, at which point the area of focus wasn't entirely textiles as it is today - and we can proudly say that his journey into textiles has spearheaded us into the direction where we are today. The knowledge he brings to the business is tremendous and priceless. Well respected by both customers and suppliers, he is known to be a humble speaker and a very simple approach to doing business. He is still very much involved in the fabric sourcing/trading part of the business.

Chandrika Chunilal (Deceased)

Chief Financial Officer

Chandrika aka Mrs Navin hailed from humble backgrounds in India. After having married Navin, Chandrika joined a traditional Indian family that ran the business exclusively by the male counterparts in the family. In the mid 1990s she was determined to change this and succesfully broke into the family business as its first female family member, and till date is well respsected for what she brought to the table. She had also been awarded International Women's Enterprenial Challange (IWEC) Foundation's 2019 award. As CFO she was responsible for all financial functions of the entire group - and was also involved in countless other areas of the business where she imparted her leadership and guidance to steer us in the right direction. With her sad and sudden demise on March 10, 2022, we believe that she continues watching over us, she will never be forgotten.

Ravi Chunilal

Managing Director

Ravi's vision and leadership has largely been responsible to transform the family business, into a professionally run and managed business fit to compete in the 21st century's business environment. Ravi is 3rd generation in the family and joined the business in 2005 after completing his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Northeastern University in the US. Having lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Boston, Shanghai and Hanoi - he is also multilingual and often switching between languages seamlessly. In the current role he oversees our factory's managment and is often jumping between sales, operations and administrative roles at the company. He is also spearheading the company's first foray into B2C and e-commerce operations.

Management Team

Patricia Rizzeto

Director of Sales

Patricia's love for apparel and relentless attention to details makes her a very pivotal part of our group. She joined our company in 2015 as General Manager, making way for Ravi Chunilal to break away from daily operations and focus on building and setting up our factory. Prior to this she was the head of sourcing at a well-known Brazilian (she also is from Brazil) retailer which enables us to also harness the perspective of our customers. Switching over to the other side of the table has also allowed her to have accumlated deeper understanding of the entire supply chain. As of mid 2020, as a part of a group restructuting, she has narrowed down her role to Director of Sales, where she leads a very dedicated and talented sales team in both Shanghai and Hanoi offices - and work with our customers.

Sameer Jolly

Director of Operations

Sameer experience in apparel industry runs over 20 years when he joined us in early part of 2020, 16 in China and 4 in India, which is where he is from. He brings to the company experience from his past career which has been playing a valuable role since he joined us. As Director of Operations, Sameer is responsible for a wide range of departments and functions - quality control to merchandising to product development & sourcing and people management. He is a skillful team player and well known in our company as a master problem solver. Sameer is also multilingual and speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and Hindi and is very hands-on with his method of communication and follow up with his team that is spread across many locations.

Wernen Sandamal

Merchandising Manager - Purchasing and Production

Sandamal has been with the group since 2018, where he was first brought on as Planning and Production Control Manager at our factory Kiara Garments Vietnam. He has held prominent planning positions in Vietnam and his home country, Sri Lanka before he joined us. In early 2021 he was offered the chance to move the parent company's Hanoi office. His deep experience and knowledge in planning allows for us to scale effortlessly as he manages the resources and team under him with detailed and up-to-the-minute information. He is also responsible for production follow up and trouble shooting of all orders - and is always up for any challenge.

Kelly Xu

Sample Room and Technical Manager (Shanghai)

Kelly is our inhouse "magician" and has really been instrumental in building our reputation as to who we are to our customers today. She is well respected and praised both internally and externally, constantly delivering beautiful and quality samples in a timely manner. Kelly started her career in a Sino-Japanese Joint Venture and just before joining us was the chief representative at an Australian apparel company. She has been working in technical and quality management positions for more than 20 years. She understands bodies/shapes of our customer's target market very well and is able to accurately control fitting of our garments very well.

Lee Thoa

Sample Room Manager (Hanoi)

Lee is graduate of Garment Technology from Technology and Education University in Vietnam and has over 15 years experience in garment industry dealing with a wide variety of apparel categories such as: fashion, swimwear and underwear. She responsible for all activities in our Hanoi sample/development room which is constantly churning out beautiful samples for some of our key customers. She manages a team of 10 young and enthusiatic operators at our Hanoi development center. Her team is very committed to ensuring timely delivery of quality samples - very often in the tightest of deadlines.

Jolie Thuy

Group Finance Manager

Jolie has a strong educational and experience background in the feild to determine the optimal financial functions and control of our group. Before working at Capital World Trading Ltd, she served as CFO and Finance Manager for more than 15 years for local Vietnamese and international firms in various industries, and finance lecturer for platinum learning providers of ACCA (where she is also a member). She holds a Bachelor's degree from Austalia's Swinburne University of Technology and recently completed MBA from the Univeristy of London. Jolie's team is spread out over various locations - and is responsible to plan, monitor and execute all financial activities of the group.

Uday Singh

Quality Assurance Manager

Uday is a very committed apparel industry professional with over 15 years of experience in quality management and garment technology. He started his career in a small village in Southern India and moved to Vietnam in 2010. Uday is responsible for the quality management of all our products where he and his team of 10 Quality Controllers are involved from development stage and carry out their task on the ground all the way to shipment. He and his team work hard to assure that we consistently perform to the quality standards set within the company - for which our customer's know us best for.

Brian Hung

Sourcing Manager (Vietnam)

Brian completed his masters in Garment Technology and Fashion from DongHua University in Shanghai and is an experienced professional with many years in this garment industry. He loves what he does and it shows in how he works with products and cooperating with factories. He inspires team members to align themselves with overall company strategy in every way he can. His pleasant personality is balanced with strong negotiation skills where can deploy his network of contacts and achieve best results for the company. Brian constantly brings new opportunities for our growth in Vietnam which has undisputedly been our growth engine the last 10 years.